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Shinta Mani Angkor and Bensley Collection Pool Villas, Kambodscha

Shinta Mani Angkor and Bensley Collection Pool Villas, Kambodscha

Located among the world class dining and shopping of Siem Reap’s magnificently restored old French Quarter, and just ten minutes’ drive from Angkor Wat’s enduring treasures, Shinta Mani Angkor was founded to support a hospitality training school for disadvantaged local youth.

Today, this contemporary landmark designed by Bill Bensley embodies the future of Responsible Tourism. Across two wings, all air-conditioned accommodations reflect the mystical wonders of Angkor Wat and the dynamic art scene of Siem Reap, and are thoughtfully enhanced with locally sourced amenities.

Having brought to life Shinta Mani Angkor, Bill Bensley wanted to take the Shinta Mani experience to a more luxurious level, so he created an exclusive set of 10 villas with private pools. Set within the Shinta Mani Angkor Gardens, the Bensley Collection Pool Villas have their own facilities and Bensley Butlers to look after your every need.


The Bayon Wing comprises 62 rooms and 4 suites in a courtyard layout, overlooking the lush tropical landscape and the stunning 23 meter swimming pool. Ground floor rooms have patios that open directly towards the pool, while the upper floor rooms have balconies overlooking it.

Interconnecting rooms are available with both twin and king bed options. The Junior and Executive Suites on the second floor have a separate living room.


The Angkor Wing comprises 39 stylish rooms with Khmer inspired interiors, comprising twin, king and interconnecting room configurations as well as an adapted room for a wheelchair user and a lift to the upper floors.


Ten exquisite double story pool villas each feature 156m2 of space, including separate bedroom and bathroom pavilions with outdoor baths and showers, a 9-meter private pool surrounded by lush gardens, and a rooftop sky lounge which is perfect for outdoor dining, relaxing or even sleeping under the stars.

Six of the villas can be combined to into three twobedroom villas with six pools to accommodate a family or friends travelling together. Pool Villa guests have a private Bensley Butler along with complimentary airport transfers and fast track immigration service .


Chef Chanrith has used his lifelong wealth of experience to create a new fine dining concept featuring modern interpretations of the Khmer recipes from his youth. Presented with flair and prepared with modern techniques, Chef Chanrith will take you on a culinary exploration of his vision for the future of Khmer cuisine. Evenings are formal with a choice of degustation menus, including vegetarian, while lunches are more casual with an a-la-carte menu.


Khmer Tonics Spa

Atop the Angkor Wing, the Khmer Tonics Spa is a sanctuary of wellness featuring a luxury spa suite and six unique treatment rooms. Our experienced therapists ensure that you get the very best in natural spa treatments, body massages, and organic skin care.

The Khmer Tonics range of products carry the COSMOSstandard of certification, meeting thorough international regulations for the humane production of natural, organic, chemical-free, and sustainably made cosmetics.

Gym and Fitness

Within the Khmer Tonics Spa is an intimate gym suitable for holiday workouts or a pre dinner pump-up. A short walk from the hotel is the Siem Reap River promenade that provides a perfect 7 kilometer track for your cardio needs.

This exceptional hotel enjoys a tranquil and leafy setting  –  just 15 minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage Temples of Angkor Wat.

Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection, Nepal

Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection, Nepal

A Bensley Collection

Designed by Bill Bensley, Shinta Mani Mustang perches high above the town of Jomsom at the gateway of Mustang, an isolated kingdom in Nepal, forbidden to outsiders for centuries. This almost mythical region, hidden in the Kali Gandaki valley between the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, is one of the deepest valleys and most unusual places in the world. 

Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection will be an all-inclusive experience, with the guests’ journey curated to provide the most remarkable 360-degree, luxury experience in the Himalayas; one of the most unique and preserved regions in the world. “Mustang” in Tibetan, translates to “Plain of Aspiration”. It is bordered by the Tibetan plateau with an elevation that rises from 1,372 to 8,167 meters above sea level.


29 Environmentally-friendly rooms are designed in local materials stone, slate, and wood based on traditional Tibetan homes, and adorned with locally-sourced, soft natural fabrics. Our well-appointed rooms come with indulgent ensuite bathrooms and huge floor-to-ceiling windows delivering panoramic views, and Nilgiri mountain as the backdrop to your stay. Rooms have an open-plan bedroom combined with a living area and a separate full bathroom.



Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection is located an area known as The Forbidden Kingdom; a gateway to Tibet. This magical and spiritual destination has dramatic landscapes, and is rich in Buddhist culture with many monasteries and has some of the highest snow-capped peaks in the world, including the formidable Mount Nilgiri Himal.


Culinary options at Shinta Mani Mustang will include the 60-seat Nilgiri Restaurant, named after the majestic mountain it looks out onto and a large outdoor dining patio where modern Nepal cuisine and western cuisine will be served, using locally sourced and foraged produce. The Aara Bar is named after a local Tibetan/Sherpa liquor. The mixed use activity room which can be used for meetings, presentation or yoga and exercise classes.

The Wellness Center comprises two exquisite treatment suites with floor to ceiling windows facing the mountains; each with a hot plunge pool, steam room, sauna, shower and massage beds. The Tibetan wellness programme will be developed by a local 11th generation doctor using traditional herbal medicine.


A highly personalised privately guided guest experience programme honours the traditions of Sherpa hospitality and has been curated exclusively for our guests. These include unique cultural excursions, trekking, horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, archery, hiking, helicopter tours and wellness. 


Prior to opening, design genius Bill Bensley will add his creative magic to the resort. Interiors will incorporate warm coloured fabrics and materials to reflect the rich tones of the surrounding landscape, which can be viewed from every window of the property. Huge fire pits on the outdoor terrace will allow guests to admire millions of stars in the night sky in warmth as the temperatures dip. Inside, every area will be complemented by the artwork of the late artist Robert Powell, a friend of Bill’s who drew the regions vernacular architecture in incredible detail.

In his typical upcycling style and with his sustainable mindset, Bill has used recycled materials that he has repurposed into unique new furniture. 

Mustang’s magical landscape evolves with each unique season.

CGH Earth, Indien

CGH Earth, Indien

Stirring Experience. Small Footprints.

Experience Wellness.


Unsere Werte:

„Being one with the local ethos“ We believe in a participatory ethos that draws insights and inspiration from the people and cultures where we are present. 

„Caring for the local environment“ We consciously remember to touch nature with sensitive hands and respect the ecosystems that support us.

„Working with local communities“ We are aware that local communities are a part of the social fabric that bind us. We reach out to them in numerous ways that include employment and a host of social, economic and cultural interactions that mutually benefit and strengthen ties between us.

These driving elements are reflected in everything you see and xperience – from our architecture and locations to our people, services and activities!

Unsere Philosophie

Responsible Tourism


Lifestyle Retreat

  • 24 Garden Villas
  • „SwaSwara“ = Innere Stimme
  • Strandlage
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden
  • Einführung in die ayurvedische Lebensweise
  • angeleitete Kreativ-Sessions wie Malen, Zeichnen, Töpfern

Kalari Kovilakom

NABH accredited Ayurveda Hospital

  • 18 Suiten
  • 12 Behandlungsräume
  • „Kalari Kovilakom“ – Ort für die Seele
  • Kurative & regenerative Ayurveda Therapie
  • Holistischer Therapieansatz
  • Reinigende Ghee-Therapie
  • Therapeutisches Yoga & Atemtechnik

Kalari Rasayana

Ayurveda Hospital

  • 22 Suiten
  • 11 Behandlungsräume
  • „Kalari Rasayana“ = „Ort der Schönheit“
  • Ayurveda – Vermittlung eines „Way of Life“
  • Einbezug der biologischeh, psychologischen, emotionalen Persönlichkeit
  • Mind. Aufenthalt 14 Tage

Prakriti Shakti

Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital

  • 19 Zimmer „Prakriti
  • Shakti“ = Lebensenergie
  • Indische Naturheilkunde
  • Heilung von Körper & Geist
  • Interaktion der 5 Naturelementen mit dem Körper
  • Massagen zur Förderung der Vitalität, Nerven, Muskeln, Blutzirkulation
  • Raw Food
  • Intervallfasten

Eine Reise, die das Herz berührt.


Gäste kommen als Fremde und gehen als Teil der CGH Earth Familie

Es Raco d’Arta, Mallorca

Es Raco d’Arta, Mallorca


natural – authentic – respectful

Es Raco d’Arta is a living dream of two friends, Antoni Esteva and Jaume Danus and their families. The old ‘finca’ dating back to the 13th century has passed through different families over generations. They have all been closely connected to the land and dedicated to agriculture. In the 1960s when tourism got a foothold on the island, many of the old fincas were abandoned for new tourism projects, and this was also the case for Es Racó.
Unearthing the abandoned finca awakened a dream in Antoni and Jaume; a dream of returning it to its origins, restoring the finca and bringing back alive the long-lost Mallorca they knew from childhood; a Mallorca where nature, architecture, culture and gastronomy were deeply rooted and intertwined in everyday life.


connected – creative – peaceful – joyous

Nestled adjacent to the LLevant Natural Park in a serene valley, protected by the mountains and only a stone’s throw from the picturesque village of Artà and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, Es Raco d’Artà provides a peaceful nest for the exploration of our interconnectedness with nature, conscious living and holistic wellbeing.

The architecture of Es Raco embraces the natural elements of the land, and in doing so it invites each one of its visitors to connect deeply within; within our own natural landscape of feelings, sensations and emotions. Offering a variety of different experiences, guided by accomplished practitioners, Es Raco d’Artà combines natural beauty and unspoiled nature with a palate of sights, sounds, tastes, aromas and textures, inviting guests to connect through all their senses while embodying the healing experience of being natural.

Life in Es Raco is informal and relaxed with a heart-felt approach to everything we do. We give space to authenticity rather than pretence, and we seek to understand rather than to judge. Connecting with nature allows us to feel the elements, which show us ways of finding peace, healing, and inspiration within.


explore the mystery of being human – the path of self-discovery – unlocking human potential – discovering your soul purpose – transforming your life

Authenticity is the guiding principle behind every offering and experience at Es Racó. More than just give back some of what contemporary life seems to take away; we would like to introduce a different perspective, a different way of being that may help to reconnect with the healer and visionary we all have within. Our wish is for you to find your path of self-discovery and from there explore your fullest potential.


interconnectedness – harmonious – organic

The finca stretches over 185 hectare of natural land including beautiful mountains and forests of oak trees, wild olive trees, carob, pines and the odd cypress. The farmed land is home to our 14-hectare ecological vineyard, some 1200 olive trees, 200 different fruit trees, a field of indigenous xeixa, our 2000 m2 organic vegetable garden and the aromatic herbal garden. We produce our own olive oil and organic xeixa flour. Adding to that we also engage in beekeeping, which means you will have fresh honey for breakfast.

It goes without saying that everything is ecological, we do not apply anything to the land which did not come out of her, our farm is natural and ecological. We believe in cycles and balance of giving and receiving and therefore we have a recycling plan that helps us give back to the earth part of what it gives us.


healthy – balanced – seasonal – generous

We feel love and respect for our land and we express it in many ways, one way being through the food we serve. Our dishes are full of love and tradition to nourish us, move us and give us balance. Our gastronomy is seasonal and based on the produce from our garden as well as from local organic produce available from neighbouring fincas on the island. Here at Es Racó sitting down for a meal is a joyous moment to celebrate our interconnectedness and appreciate the colourful palate the land provides us with.


slowing down – being rather than doing – feeling – connecting

Es Raco d’Arta is not a hotel, but a destination for transformation. A place to be inspired by genuine Mallorquin life. A place to allow for the real and authentic to shine through. Visiting Es Racó is not a tale about ‘checking out’. It is about ‘checking in’, with self and with others; leaning in, deepen, returning to the body, to our senses, to our humanness, fully embodying life here on earth.

Amal Tamara, Indien

Amal Tamara, Indien

Begin your healing journey with us and become an Amal Yatri.

Where the balance of mind, body, and spirit is restored through the ancient and time-tested tenets of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda at Amal Tamara is focused on the body’s natural ability to heal – helping the body to renew and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Our Legacy

The Shibulal family is best known in the Hospitality Industry for establishing Tamara Leisure Experiences; a world-class organisation, specialising in providing luxury experiences with responsible and sustainable business practices at their core.

The Amal Approach

Your experience with us extends to before you arrive and after you leave the property. Holistic in the true sense, we hope to equip you with meaningful lifestyle changes, to retain wellness wisdom into your life at home.

The Amal Way of Life

Amal Tamara’s wellness philosophy is Chikitsa Chatushpada – a unique Ayurvedic concept, referring to the idea that four limbs of curative programme, namely, the physician, the patient, the therapist, and the medicine itself, must work in synergy. Our approach bridges this traditional ayurvedic concept with modern-day luxury to create a perfect symphony of contemporary Ayurveda for your comfort and wellness. The moment you begin your journey with Amal Tamara, you become an Amal Yatri – embarking on a journey of wellness and wellbeing. Rest all your senses and immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of Alleppey, while our team of physicians ensures you receive the care and comfort to achieve your wellness goals. Amal offers guests 3 categories of rooms to choose from: Astha, Ekta, and Idha Rooms

Cure Cuisine

“Pathye sathi gatharthasya kim Oushadha nishevanam” When a diet is correct, there is no need for medicine From the Vaidya Jeevanam At Amal, an expert Ayurvedic physician and an expert chef will design the perfect diet for your needs. A personalised wellness menu, suiting your curative plan, body type, and health conditions, will be offered to you. Our menu, devoid of sea salt, refined sugar, preservatives, or refined flour, encompasses the wisdom of Ayurvedic cooking. All recipes are focused on regularising the body’s natural defenses, and are freshly made, with care, every day by our chef.

Holistic Healing

Amal Tamara harnesses the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and offers a healing experience in the serene backwaters of Kerala- an environment that will still the mind, calm the nerves, and promote healing from inside out. It is not only about the symptom on the surface- the blemish on the skin, the ache in the stomach, or the loss of hair. Unlike the Western systems of medicine and healing, Ayurveda places emphasis on prevention and maintenance rather than the treatment of symptoms and external indication of disease. Ayurvedic practitioners believe in holistic healing and wellness, rooted in the absolute balance of lifestyle, diet, manner of thinking, spiritual practices, and the use of herbs in everyday life. When the energies of the body are balanced and in sync, the body is more equipped to use its natural defense systems to fight disease.

Gmundner Lodge, Namibia

Gmundner Lodge, Namibia

Abenteuer, Luxus & Genuss mit gutem Gewissen!

Die Gmundner Lodge in Namibia

Namibia macht süchtig. Diese eindrucksvollen Landschaften, diese unendliche Weite bis zum Horizont und dieses kräftige und doch sanfte Licht lassen keinen kalt. Reisende dürfen die Schönheit Namibias an einem der wahrhaft schönsten Orte kennenlernen: der Gmundner Lodge. Sie verbindet großzügigen Luxus mit einem überzeugenden, nachhaltigen Konzept.

Die Gmundner Lodge liegt südöstlich von Windhoek, nur dreißig Minuten vom Flughafen entfernt. Eingebettet in eine atemberaubend schöne Landschaft zwischen der Kalahari-Wüste im Osten und dem Khomas-Gebirgsplateau im Westen ist hier auf 6.000 Hektar ein wahres Refugium für Mensch und Natur entstanden. Von ihrer Suite aus können Gäste auf der Terrasse den Sonnenaufgang beobachten, sich in der Outdoor-Badewanne zurücklehnen und diese beeindruckende Landschaft auf sich wirken lassen.

Im SPA Bereich sorgt ein erfahrenes Team für die körperliche Tiefenentspannung bevor Abenteurer mit erfahrenen Rangern auf Safari gehen und Giraffen, Zebras und viele andere Tiere aus nächster Nähe erleben. Zum Sundowner gibt es eine Ausfahrt auf den höchsten Berg der Gegend, wo das Team der Lodge eine perfekt ausgestattete Bar und Snacks aufgebaut hat. Mit einem eisgekühlten Drink in der Hand erleben Gäste, wie die untergehende Sonne die Buschland Savanne in ein warmes Rot taucht. Ein einmaliges Erlebnis! Herzlich willkommen in Namibia – herzlich willkommen in der Gmundner Lodge!

Besonders stolz ist das Team der Gmundner Lodge auf die eigene Farm, die auf dem Prinzip der nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft basiert und dem Küchenteam ganz frische und qualitativ hochwertige Bio-Produkte liefert: Ein Spitzenkoch verwöhnt die Gäste mit Kulinarischem aus Gemüse, Milchprodukten, Rind- und Wildfleisch, Honig und vielem mehr. Auch die Angestellten und ihre Familien werden mit den selbst erzeugten Lebensmitteln versorgt.

Pierre Germishuizen, General Manager der Gmundner Lodge sagt dazu:

„Hier in Namibia kommen auf einen Arbeitnehmer sieben Familienmitglieder, die er oder sie mitversorgt. Wir haben eine große soziale Verantwortung und der stellen wir uns gerne.“ Aus diesem Grunde werden auf dem Gelände der Lodge auch die Kinder der Angestellten in einem eigenen Kindergarten betreut. Das Konzept geht auf, so Germishuizen: „Unsere Mitarbeiter sind sehr zufrieden. Sie sind stolz auf ihre Lodge und empfangen unsere Gäste mit sehr viel Herzlichkeit und einem perfekten Service.“

Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid is a luxury Belle Époque palace that enjoys a vibrant city centre location in the capital’s famous ‘Triangle of Art’, opposite the Prado & Thyssen Museums, Retiro Park and the Madrid Stock Exchange, in the heart of the city’s main shopping neighborhood and historic sights. And only 15 km from Madrid-Barajas Airport.

For over 110 years, the hotel has hosted royalty, dignitaries and some of the most distinguished guests from around the world. This spectacular property is the epitome of luxury and excellence.

The hotel’s 100 rooms and 53 suites enjoy a new sophisticated contemporary residential style, which blends seamlessly with the hotel’s iconic structure. Rooms and Suites will feature unique design elements inspired by the hotel’s historic connections to the city, Spanish culture and art.
An elegant ‘classic contemporary’ décor by renowned Parisian designers Gilles & Boissier.

Celebrated for his culinary creativity, Chef Quique Dacosta is one of the leading lights in the gastronomic world, renowned for mixing innovation and tradition with a unique sense of beauty, while using local produce and cultural references as much as possible.

Quique Dacosta appointed to design, develop and oversee all culinary operations at the hotel’s five restaurants and bars, Ensures that Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid continues to be one of the most exciting gastronomic destinations in Spain.


  • Deessa, signature haute-cuisine restaurant with stunning Ritz Garden views. With 2 stars Michelin. is a culinary experience not to be missed
  • Palm Court, offers casual and vibrant all-day dining as well as our renowned traditional Afternoon Tea, all under a stunning glass dome ceiling.
  • Pictura, with an elegant, timeless design and vibrant atmosphere, offers a fascinating and classic cocktail menu.
  • El Jardin del Ritz, Ritz Garden, a vibrant al fresco dining area, offering an urban oasis with a new bar area.
  • Champagne Bar, delight yourself with an ever-changing selection of exclusive champagnes paired with a signature amuse-bouche tapas menu.

Our SPA, offering an escape from the strains of urban life, our fitness and wellness facilities provide space in which to relax and revive.

  • Dedicated treatment room to restore your mind, body and soul.
  • Spa facilities – indoor swimming pool, experience showers, steam room and vitality pool.
  • Fully-equipped fitness centre with Technogym equipment.

With a stunning and meticulous restoration that celebrates César Ritz’s pioneering spirit, a prestigious central location, our historical reputation, our five restaurants and bars overseen by one of Spain’s most celebrated chefs and exceptional fitness and wellness facilities, the Mandarin Oriental Heritage and unique sense of place, Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid is the city’s most luxurious hotel.

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum


  • Set on the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula at Paradise Bay (Cennet Koyu)
  • 5-minute drive from the waterfront town of Göltürkbükü, a popular dining and entertainment spot with specialty shops and boutiques
  • 45-minute drive from Milas-Bodrum International Airport (BJV) from where several airlines operate a 60-minutes flight to Istanbul
  • Located within easy reach of the Bodrum Peninsula’s many stunning natural attractions and historic sites, and vibrant social life
  • Enjoys a hillside setting with superb views of the resort’s white sand beaches, the Aegean coastline and Paradise Bay
  • Airport transfers available via limousine, boat, or helicopter


  • Twelve bars and restaurants offering wide selection of superb gastronomy
  • The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum
  • Fitness & Wellness Centre
  • Indoor & outdoor swimming pools
  • Private white sand beaches
  • Water sports center
  • Sixteen private beach cabanas
  • Wealth ofleisure activities and sport facilities
  • Exdusive luxury retailers
  • Hairdresser and beauty salon
  • Two ballrooms, one for up to 206 guests, and two boardrooms
  • Kids Club activities cater for younger fans of all ages
  • Helipad

Guest Accommodation

  • Elegant, contemporary interiors incorporating traditional Turkish design and tasteful oriental inspired touches
  • Guest Experience Ambassador service for each room category
  • Each room has its own stunning sundeck, terrace, or balcony
  • All suites and villas boast private gardens and inflnity pools
  • Personalized check-in with welcome refreshments on arrival for guests
  • 480 rhread-count sateen cotton bed sheets, luxury duvets, hypoallergenic fearher duvets and pillows, plus Shanghai Tang bathroom products
  • 24-hour room service
  • High-speed Wi-Fi, Bang & Olufsen TV, multimedia auxiliary panel, smart lighting controls and sound docking station come as Standard. Game consoles are available upon request.
  • Children and family amenities available. Rooms adaptable to family needs.

Restaurants and Bars

  • Atelier di Carne Contemporary Seeakhouse by Dario Cecchini
  • Blue Beach Club & Bar – Selected flavors ofTurkish and world cuisine, including Kebab
  • Hakkasan, Chinese cuisine – First dass mixology and design Restaurant
  • loki on the Beach J apanese and Peruvian restaurant on ehe beach of Paradise Bay
  • Kurochan by IOKI Contemporaty Nikkei style Japanese and Peruvian restaurant
  • Lucca by ehe Sea World Cuisine wich colorful plares and innovative cockcails
  • Lucca Beach experience of sea, nature, music, and dining by ehe seashore for the long sunny days.
  • The Living Room – an exclusive seaside Lounge & Bar
  • Mandarin Bar – Scylish contemporary bar serving creative cockeails premium liquors and cognacs.
  • Pool Bar & Restaurant – -Poolside dining and children’s menus
  • Sofra – Famous wich its Turkish breakfast, local and international specialties
  • Vakko L‘ atelier – Delicious delicacies, an haute couture patisserie experience
  • Hafiz Muscafa 1864- Premium Turkish Desserts
  • 24-hour in-room service

The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

  • 2,700 sqm spa spread over cwo floors fearuring Mandarin Oriental‘ s signarure wellness concepts
  • 12 treatmene rooms, 3 beauty rooms, 4 outdoor cabanas
  • Four outdoor treatment cabanas in the main building and two by Blue Beach
  • Wide range of holistic therapies and treatments to soothe, heal and revitalize
  • Extensive heat and water facilities, including indoor and outdoor vitality pools, d1y saunas, steam rooms, experience showers and ice fountains, kidney pool
  • Luxurious hammams with private scrub rooms
  • 570 sqm state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Studio for Pilates for 55 sqm, yoga, circuit training and workours, with borh private and group classes
  • 26 m indoor, heated swimming pool
  • State-of-the-art fitness center with Technogym equipment
  • Exclusive services for feet, hands, and nails

Sport & Leisure

  • Water sports center offering range of activities, including scuba diving, sailing, fishing, boat rental and more
  • Comprehensive sports center wich tennis and basketball courts
  • Tours by helicopter and traditional Turkish gullet boat
  • Jogging path along Paradise Bay
  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Exclusive luxury retailers
Rocce Forte Sizilien, VERDURA

Rocce Forte Sizilien, VERDURA

Das Paradies an Siziliens Südküste

Willkommen im Verdura Resort: 230 Hektar von der Sonne, verwöhnte Mittelmeerküste, unberührte Natur, Spa und Golf.

Olivenbäume, Orangenhaine und weiße Sandstrände. Tennisplätze, Wassersport, Championship Golf und Kinderclubs. Infinity-Pools, Thalassotherapie und das berühmte Rocco Forte Spa. Ausgezeichnete Küche, ausgewogene Ernährung und weltberühmter Wein aus der Region.

Luxuriöse Eco-Architektur und biologische Zutaten, die auf unserem eigenen Land angebaut werden. Verdura ist eine Oase, ein Ort des Wohlbefindens, der Entspannung und des Genusses vor der Kulisse bezaubernder sizilianischer Dörfer, antiker griechischer und römischer Stätten und des wunderschönen, blauen Mittelmeers.

Giller Reisen ist eine Rocco Forte Knights Agentur und kann Ihnen besondere Vorteile bieten. Wir beraten Sie gerne dazu und buchen für Sie Ihren Urlaub auf Sizilien.