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Amal Tamara, Indien

Begin your healing journey with us and become an Amal Yatri.

Where the balance of mind, body, and spirit is restored through the ancient and time-tested tenets of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda at Amal Tamara is focused on the body’s natural ability to heal – helping the body to renew and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Our Legacy

The Shibulal family is best known in the Hospitality Industry for establishing Tamara Leisure Experiences; a world-class organisation, specialising in providing luxury experiences with responsible and sustainable business practices at their core.

The Amal Approach

Your experience with us extends to before you arrive and after you leave the property. Holistic in the true sense, we hope to equip you with meaningful lifestyle changes, to retain wellness wisdom into your life at home.

The Amal Way of Life

Amal Tamara’s wellness philosophy is Chikitsa Chatushpada – a unique Ayurvedic concept, referring to the idea that four limbs of curative programme, namely, the physician, the patient, the therapist, and the medicine itself, must work in synergy. Our approach bridges this traditional ayurvedic concept with modern-day luxury to create a perfect symphony of contemporary Ayurveda for your comfort and wellness. The moment you begin your journey with Amal Tamara, you become an Amal Yatri – embarking on a journey of wellness and wellbeing. Rest all your senses and immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of Alleppey, while our team of physicians ensures you receive the care and comfort to achieve your wellness goals. Amal offers guests 3 categories of rooms to choose from: Astha, Ekta, and Idha Rooms

Cure Cuisine

“Pathye sathi gatharthasya kim Oushadha nishevanam” When a diet is correct, there is no need for medicine From the Vaidya Jeevanam At Amal, an expert Ayurvedic physician and an expert chef will design the perfect diet for your needs. A personalised wellness menu, suiting your curative plan, body type, and health conditions, will be offered to you. Our menu, devoid of sea salt, refined sugar, preservatives, or refined flour, encompasses the wisdom of Ayurvedic cooking. All recipes are focused on regularising the body’s natural defenses, and are freshly made, with care, every day by our chef.

Holistic Healing

Amal Tamara harnesses the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and offers a healing experience in the serene backwaters of Kerala- an environment that will still the mind, calm the nerves, and promote healing from inside out. It is not only about the symptom on the surface- the blemish on the skin, the ache in the stomach, or the loss of hair. Unlike the Western systems of medicine and healing, Ayurveda places emphasis on prevention and maintenance rather than the treatment of symptoms and external indication of disease. Ayurvedic practitioners believe in holistic healing and wellness, rooted in the absolute balance of lifestyle, diet, manner of thinking, spiritual practices, and the use of herbs in everyday life. When the energies of the body are balanced and in sync, the body is more equipped to use its natural defense systems to fight disease.

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